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Anderson State Bank: Safe & Sound    
Recent media reports have highlighted problems at certain financial institutions. Anderson State Bank has always operated our bank in a safe and sound manner and has never followed the practices that are now impacting these problem institutions. 
Anderson State Bank is well-capitalized. Capital serves as a “buffer” against any losses. 
To be considered well-capitalized, the banking regulators require a total risk-based capital 
ratio greater than 10%. All institutions in the state of Illinois have average risk-based 
capital of 12.47%. Anderson State Bank greatly exceeds that at 30.55%. 
In addition, Bauer Financial Reports, Inc. has awarded Anderson State Bank a Five-Star 
Superior rating, which is its highest rating. Five-star institutions are safe, financially sound, 
and are generally operating with twice the capital required by regulators. 
Generations of customers have banked at Anderson State bank with 
a certain peace of mind. You can do the same. 
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